Planet Eclipse Knee Pads HD Core M

  • Reference: 205025-M
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Solid and reliable the Eclipse Overload Knee Pads take the stress out of ground impacts. The new HD Core with secondary protection from our unique cellular EVA form knee design improves flexibility and overall fit, aids balance and reduces damage to the knees when sliding or diving into bunkers. The secondary padding can also be removed offering the ability to be replaced or modified to achieve the desired level of comfort and protection. Strap up with upper and lower velcro closures for a precise fit and hit the field with confidence.


What is HD Core?

HD Core is a high density (HD) sealed foam with articulated flex points that allows exceptional flexibility whilst offering superb protection and comfort.



Unique HD Core high density foam padding

Rear Knee Aperture for better fit & increased air-flow

Hot Swappable secondary padding

Upper and lower velcro closures for a precise fit

Lightweight vented neoprene construction for increased air-flow

Unique cellular formed EVA knee design optimised for better fit & flexibility


21% Polyester

4% Spandex

9% Nylon

1% Rubber

27% EVA


17% SBR



Care Instructions

WARNING! Secure loose hook and loop (velcro) prior to washing as this can cause excessive damage to your product during the wash cycle. Paint can stain. Wash garment immediately after use.


Wash Separately

Cool Machine Wash 30 Degrees C

Do Not Iron

Do Not Tumble Dry

No Softener